Nifty Gifty is Now on the App Store!

My first app, Nifty Gifty, is now live on the App Store! Nifty Gifty is an iOS app for iPhone and iPad that organizes your gift giving.  It allows you to keep tabs on all of your gift-giving events and make lists of what gifts you want to give and who you will give them to.  Nifty Gifty notifies you when an event is drawing near so that you have enough time to select the perfect gift!

With Nifty Gifty, you can:

  • Create a customizable list of events with an icon for each event.
  • Customize notifications for each event so that you can be notified in advance that the event is approaching.
  • Create a list of your gift recipients and automatically create a birthday event for each person.
  • Manage a list of gifts with details such as recipient(s), designated event, purchase location, and cost, along with any notes you want to include.
  • Check off gifts as they are purchased or given.
  • Filter the gift lists in the following ways:
    • Show only unchecked gifts or all gifts.
    • View the details for an event to see only the gifts associated with that event.
    • View the details for a person to see only the gifts associated with that recipient.
  • Customize the appearance of the app with different themes.

App Store Link

Customizable Events List Gifts Shopping List Gifts for a Specific Event Gifts for a Specific Person Multiple Themes for Color Customization

See the Nifty Gifty page for more details.